Massage Works!

Best Return on Investment (ROI)

A new ADO Survey has revealed that employer based wellness programs are a key part of any successful HR strategy when seeking to improve the health of employees, boost productivity, and control healthcare costs.

The American Journal of Health Promotion has shown that employers with sufficient wellness programs see an avereage of 27% reduction in sick leave absenteeism, 26% reduction in healthcare costs, and a 32% reduction in workers comp and disability claims. (Sept 2012)


Recharge – Re-energize – Revitalize


Acupuncture The fastest growing area of alternative medicine using pain free disposable needles, thinner than a hair. Acupuncture has been proven to be the most effective way of reducing inflammation and pain, increasing blood supply to speed healing of acute and chronic injury and reduce stress, increase productivity and focus.

Rejuvenation Break The 5 to 30 minute Rejuvenation Break offers a convenient, effective release from the accumulated tension and discomfort of sitting at a desk for extended periods of time with the help of short massage breaks right at the workstation or in a designated area. The release of tension and increased circulation will help any employee to be more productive and agreeable in addition to reducing the chronic effects of accumulated stress resulting in a variety of health concerns.

Conference Massage A unique way to energize, motivate and invigorate delegates at conferencing events. Offering a refreshing 5 min – 1 hour chair massage to conference members ensures you are contributing to their concentration and focus whilst also demonstrating an overall commitment to their well being. In addition to making your delegates feel refreshed, on site massage will improve the impact of your key messages and the association they have with your brand.

Event Massage Our mobile massage makes your event stand out from the crowd and leaves your guests feeling relaxed and refreshed. Your event massage package can be customized to ensure that your clients and guests receive a personal experience that leaves them feeling truly valued.


Sue Ann Henriques
Doctor Becker’s back massage is out of this world, powerful energy that flows from his mind, to his hands, to your body, you can feel the care, the attention and most of all love for what he is doing and for his patient. I can’t place my finger on the exact technique that he uses; it’s more of a combination of different schools. I will refrain from asking how he does what he does I’ll just relax and drift. It is as though his mind is locked in to your body, that’s what makes it different.