Lectures and Workshops

Optimal Health offers a full range of lectures and workshops on various topics on improving health and wellness through one hour group discussions that help employees manage issues including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, pain management, smoking cessation, insomnia and workplace stress. Our Baseline Monitoring provided by qualified staff will help you to keep track of your progress and resulting savings.



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Cornell University researcher, Sean Nicholson, says, “the literature shows that employers can save an average of $3 for every $1 they invest in improving their workers’ health. Other research has put saving as high as nearly $6 for each investment dollar.

According to Health & Safety Executives, musculoskeletal disorders (physical pain) are the most common occupational illness reported in the UK affecting over 1.1 million staff per year, resulting in sickness, absence, high staff turnover, and poor performance in the organization.

A new ADP Survey has revealed that employer based wellness programs are a key part of any successful HR strategy when seeking to improve the health of employees, boost productivity, and control healthcare costs.