Optimal Health Group Team

Dr. Heinz Becker:


Dr. Heinz-Peter Becker is the founder of Doctor Bird Herbals, developing herbal products and supporting sustainable, organic farming benefiting our health, local farmers and the environment.

He is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Naturopath and Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Jamaica. Trained at leading institutions including Bastyr University the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, California School of Professional Psychology, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Boston University, Dr. Becker offers a range of skills gleaned over a lifetime of passionate interest in health and harmony of mind, body, spirit and our precious planet.

Dr. Becker’s CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) practice includes Acupuncture, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Therapeutic Exercises, Spinal and Joint Alignment, Psychotherapy, T’ai Chi and other therapeutic tools. He serves as Acupuncturist for Jamaican Track and Field Athletes and Athletic Clubs, from High School through Olympic Professionals including SWEPT, MVP and RACERS. He is Acupuncturist and CAM Consultant for the Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit, UWI-Mona, and Optimal Health, a full-service wellness resource for businesses of all sizes providing onsite massage, tracking and management of individualized programs, lectures and workshops.