Optimal Health Group Team

Nadine Hottat:

Nadine Hottat is an advanced practice registered nurse and midwife. Her practice focuses on holistic and natural approaches to women’s health.

She is trained as a practitioner of ATMAT – Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ®. ATMAT uses a specialized abdominal massage, and herbal compresses, steams, and remedies, along with self-care teaching, to promote reproductive and digestive health. ATMAT is a well-respected synthesis of modern medical knowledge and time-tested traditional healing wisdom.

Nadine is also certified as a provider of Holistic Pelvic Care – a therapy using massage and mind/body techniques to address the health and vitality of the organs and muscles of the female pelvic bowl. These therapies support the body’s own self-healing energies, nourishing wellness from the roots, beneficial for preventative self-care as well addressing many aspects of reproductive and digestive health including fertility support, pelvic pain, fibroid growths, endometriosis and menstrual cycle imbalances.