Patient Testimonials

Please see some of our patient feedback below. If you would like to have your own added then please use the contact page to send us a message, or just drop us a mail.


C. Aitkins

The Pain Clinic

I have been suffering from back pain for a while, was told surgery was my only option. After just 2 sessions with Dr. Becker I had my first pain free day and since then, I’ve only been getting better and can garden again!


Mellita White

The Pain Clinic

Before the pain clinic, I was in a lot of pain, I could not move around and help myself. After few treatments, I am doing a lot better. I do my exercise every morning as instructed by Dr. Becker and the result is just amazing!


Andrea Barton

Children Immune Power

My grandson had continuous coughing, his mom took him to the doctor on numerous occasions and he receive cough syrup and different medicines to treat his coughing. Medicines help for a little while then he would be sick again and his mother would become frustrated.
I visited the pain clinic, and purchase the Children Immune Power and he has been using it ever since. When used, he would cough up cold and brings it out. He took the Children Immune Power 3 times per day (morning, afternoon and evening) and after few days his lungs were clear because he brings up everything and at that point the mother realize it was cold.
After using Children Immune Power there is no more instance of my grandson continually coughing or having cold, The Children Immune Power works!


Stephanie Young

Aphrodite’s Elixir Women’s Balance

Aphrodite’s really helps with my cramps. I have very bad menstrual pain to the point where I’m unable to go to work and have to visit the hospital for injections. Last month on day 1 of my period I took the Aphrodite’s and stayed home because I was expecting to be in pain. However, the Aphrodite’s helps a lot because I feel absolutely no pain.

The Aphrodite’s really works!


Sonia Catt-nott-Groves

The Pain Clinic

Before coming to the pain clinic, I had so much pain in my back, specifically in my right shoulder. It was so bad that I could not touch it or let anyone near my back. Also, in my right wrist, I was convinced I was suffering from rheumatoid Arthritis. After just a few weeks with Doctor Becker, I feel like I have a new back and hand. I can now wash my clothes again and I am slowly starting to cook again. I never thought I would be free from pain and in such short time too! I can’t wait for the day that I can walk completely straight and with the way my treatment is going, at sooner rather than later.


Joy Crichlow

The Pain Clinic

I am living proof that Doctor Becker in truly gifted! After suffering over 2 years with debilitating pain, and going through months of treatment in some of America’s finest facilities I came to Doctor Becker. I my second week after just three visits the pain had been eliminated! I continue to live Pain Free and still visit him every time I am in Jamaica to continue to feel this way!


Bev Newman

The Pain Clinic

I am an elderly woman (almost 80) and have been coming to Doctor Becker for the last 7 years… I have had 4 back surgeries (on my spine) and when I started seeing him I could hardly walk. Now I have less pain in my back (and shoulders) and feel so thankful for all the help I have received from acupuncture. His herbal preparations are also great to help with digestion, reduce stress and inflammation.

This massage is second to none in the world.


M Silvera

The Pain Clinic

After few treatments pain stiffness swelling down walking pain free.


Keith Cowen

The Pain Clinic

After seeing various doctors, I was told I needed knee replacement surgery. After a couple sessions with Doctor Becker I was walking and without pain.

I would recommend him to anyone.


Lucille Perrin

The Pain Clinic

I brought her to several different doctors and got a lot of different prescriptions. Enough to even start our own pharmacy and none worked. After just one visit with Doctor Becker we saw immediate results with relieving the pain.

I would recommend Doctor Becker to anyone.


Maureen Hugh


What can I say but that my daughter is all the testimonial I can give! With acupuncture and Dr Becker’s guidance it just worked for me.

I recommend him to everyone, anything for Dr Becker.


Sandra and Cornelle Gibbons


We are so grateful for the Centre’s help in achieving our dreams of having a child and so thankful for Doctor Becker who without we would not have our beautiful baby girl. My advice to anyone who is in a similar situation is to never give up and keep believing.


Jeralin Morgan


Thank you so much Doctor Becker for all of your help with my beautiful, miracle baby boy!

We’re happy and my family is now complete.


S. Henriques


Acupuncture has changed my life; there isn’t enough space here to literally say how it has improved every aspect of my life. I am a competitor and weight lifting is my passion. After delivering my first child and wanting to get back into competition mode, I started doing extreme workouts and damaged both knees, tried everything, nothing worked for years, up until now. Can you believe needling helped to strengthen the ligament around my knees .During competing I no longer worry that by the middle of the day my knees are going to be sore. Now I’m able to focus fully on my game, brake up suddenly and take those sharp turns without hesitation.
The fact that Doctor Becker is the practitioner for some of the greatest athletes in the world I know I am in good hands. I don’t have to over explain what’s happening to me he already knows. There are times where I try to explain what pains I’m having and he finishes my statement.


Bridgitte Foster Hylton


I have known Doctor Becker personally for the past 4 years. During the period 2010-2012 Doctor Becker administered acupuncture to me as a professional athlete and to several of my colleagues. The treatment by Doctor Becker played an important role in our rehabilitation from injuries experienced during training, and was very useful in getting us fully prepared for the rigors of competition
My experience with Doctor Becker has convinced me that he is a very capable and competent professional. In addition he is someone who is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable not only in his area of recognized expertise but also in a number of related fields. Dr Becker has given me very useful advice on nutrition and how the body functions under stress.

I strongly recommend Doctor Becker to anyone requiring Acupuncture treatment.


Sue Ann Henriques

Facial Acupuncture

Ah! my favorite, acupuncture face lift, the first time doing this I noticed that the tired look on my face was reduced, after about 3-4 sessions I gradually look younger, now that constant tension in my face has dissipated. Before I would feel like I was carrying my face around, always trying to fix it so people wouldn’t see that my face was in pain. I can’t feel my ear on the sides of my head, or my forearm on my hand so I couldn’t understand why I was feeling my face.

Now I can go through the day and not feel as though my face is going to fall off.


Melissa Martin

Facial Acupuncture

After just a few treatments I noticed the dark circles around my eyes had faded greatly, the overall texture and brightness of my face was much healthier. My crows feet almost erased and the lines around my lips are greatly diminished. The most significant line reduction was from my nose to the corners of my mouth. These are completely gone.

I feel so much better about my looks and would recommend this to everyone!!


Sue Ann Henriques


Doctor Becker’s back massage is out of this world, powerful energy that flows from his mind, to his hands, to your body, you can feel the care, the attention and most of all love for what he is doing and for his patient. I can’t place my finger on the exact technique that he uses; it’s more of a combination of different schools. I will refrain from asking how he does what he does I’ll just relax and drift.

It is as though his mind is locked in to your body, that’s what makes it different.


James Forsythe


I was in a car accident and injuring my neck several years ago. I have had neck pain and constant headaches ever since. I started seeing Doctor Becker for Acupuncture and massage, and within a few visits my headaches were gone and my neck was much better. He also showed stretches and exercises that maintain the improvements.


Karen Matalon

General Acupuncture and Doctor Bird Herbals

I never believed in alternative medicine or acupuncture until I tore my meniscus in my knee. I had emergency surgery and the doctors recommended that I do physical therapy to get back mobility in my knee and prescription drugs to reduce the pain and inflammation that continued after the surgery. I had been seeing Dr Becker for back pain. His deep tissue massage and acupuncture helped so much to reduce the pain, that I asked his recommendations for my knee.
We started an intensive, 2 times a week acupuncture session on my knees and after a month, I found my self walking with out crutches, free from debilitating pain. I stopped my prescription medications and started taking Doctor Bird Herbals Inflammease and Pain Ease and continued with maintenance acupuncture.
After 3 months, I was climbing stairs and walking through Megamart pain free!

Thank you Doc B and the Pain Clinic!



Canna Products

I was in Jamaica in the area of ST. Ann’s of runaway bay and bought this cannabis for my left knee. It’s packaged in 3 syringes and I rub it on topically. It is an amazing healing product. My knee has osteoarthritis and swells with water on the knee as well if I over work it like walking biking etc.
When I first started aggressive treatment for my cancer I suffered from nausea, sleeplessness and intense pain. CannaMax has helped with all of these symptoms.

I don’t know what I would do without it.


Nataine Renolds

Pain Clinic

I came to the Pain Clinic bent over in pain. I wasn’t eating, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t lay on my back, my side nor worst yet my stomach.

With gifted hands and patient heart along with the healing wonders of God’s herbs the Pain Clinic helped to bring me back to a place of sanity. Where pain is no longer the order of my days.

Thank you so very much.




Hello Dr. Becker!
I am finally writing to you to say such a deep thank you to you, your team and Jamaica!
My heart has never left, I sing your praise everyday and never miss an opportunity to tell people about you.
I can say that physically I am 100%. Emotions need to settle to get past the what, why and how it all happened. A psychological brain twist now that I am so much better. I honestly think I was close to dying as dramatic as that sounds, if I had not found you I can’t imagine what would have happened.
My youngest daughter is going to school to become an acupuncturist! Hopefully I can bring her to Jamaica and you can find some time to share and inspire. When you come state side I owe you a trip into the Everglades. It will blow your mind! I am serious, to share a paddle on the bay with you would be a life highlight for me, a way to give back

Thank you and much love.